to seek revenge may lead to hell

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girls don’t want boys girls want glinda to go with elphaba during defying gravity

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[…] I look around at these kids that I’ve known all my life, and I ask myself, what happened?

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Interesting fact:

The BBC series Doctor Who ended in 2010. It was replaced by a show called Doctor Who Cares Now That Steven Moffat’s in Charge. The title of the latter show is often shortened for the sake of brevity. This has caused much confusion amongst viewers with many believing that the two series are one and the same.

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someone please make a meme masterpost of every tumblr meme ever

it doesn’t have all of them but it has a lot of them

this is so surreal honestly its like traveling through time

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Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School: Sibella.

She’s Dracula’s daughter. She’s beautiful! I would like to draw her someday!

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Scooby Doo as a child but I fucking loved Ghoul School because I wanted to be Sibella

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