to seek revenge may lead to hell

the haenuli last unicorn print is so ugly and busy :c

if u say “i love you” too often it loses its meaning
boring people who probably read john green and listen to the beatles (via quartzwarrior)

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will you still love me when im no longer young with nice lighting and good filters

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ask yourself:

when was the last time I watched the I Love Egg Song? 

the answer is “not recently enough”. watch the I Love Egg Song. it will make you happyyy


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I always hope that my neighbors can hear the faint sounds of Broadway music coming from my apartment. You’re welcome, neighbors. 


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shrek one: BEST
shrek two: the funniest movie i have ever seen. literally one of the funniest comedies of all time. incredible pacing and dialogue. reference jokes that were actually funny. surreal world that was so modern fantasy it actually worked. rocking score. awesome scene set to "i need a hero" being sung by the villain unironically and completely played straight. a bar of villains. just overall the best concepts ever.
shrek three: bad
shrek four: bad
me when u post a selfie. keep up the good work (via meganmaverick)

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I love the sims because I love architecture, interior design, and playing god

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Victorian-style homes.

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A Short Halloween PSA


Hey the thing I reblogged earlier reminded me to mention this:

I can promise all my followers that I do not post or reblog jump scares, ever, because A) I don’t like them and they suck, and B) I know at least a few of my followers have anxiety in one form or another and I’m not going to be that jerk.

So yes. There will be no jump scares from this blog, just wanted to ease your minds preemptively.

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